Single Review: 'Wading Out' Comfort Zone Is Your Gateway To Self-Extinction

July 04, 2018

"Built on delicate dreamy riffs and aerated choruses, the track stretches minimalism to haunting heights where it magnifies the inner impulse we all feel to do something greater."


Single Review: 'Something Else' Poised and Poignant Pop

May 28, 2018

"The ethereal soundscape which was so deftly composed runs with a melodic tempo, making it the perfect track just to slip into. His succinct, soft, vocal styling projects the pensive vocals in a way which makes the sentimentality of the track truly resonate. There aren’t many Pop artists with the ability to create an ambient melody which at the same time is so momentously amplified through the hook and groove of the track."

Words: Amelia Vandergast, AnRFactory

Single Review: 'Something Else' Is Visceral Waltz With Heartache

May 02, 2018

"Something Else captures the gut-wrenching pain of a breakup in a mystic and intricate ambience. Using minimalistic soundscapes filled with cathartic hooks and shimmering chords, Alex Alex sends you chills through your veins with his glacial vocals."


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